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Primitive Types

All serialization is done in network format big-endian.

Serialization of basic types is trivial and will not be discussed here.

string8 is used to refer to UTF-8 encoded Strings, string16 is used to refer to UTF-16BE encoded strings, string8-null is used to refer to UTF-8 encoded strings with trailing null byte

Primitive types are serialized by serializing each of their fields sequentially.


Strings are serialized as a signed int of the length in bytes (plus 1 for string8-null) plus their content in the specified encoding (plus one null-byte for string8-null).
If the length is -1, the String is to be considered equivalent to NULL.


StringLists are serialized as an int32 of the amount of elements, and a string16 for each element.


First, an int32 for the type, then an uint8 for an unknown value, then, if the type is a usertype, the typename as string8-null, and then the value in its own format.


VariantLists are serialized as an int32 of the length, and a Variant for each element.


VariantMaps are serialized as an int32 of the amount of keys, and then for each key a string16 for the key and a Variant for each element.


Warning: string8 uses the id of QByteArray in the serialization.

Enum Value
Void 0x00000000
Bool 0x00000001
Int 0x00000002
UInt 0x00000003
QVariantMap 0x00000008
QVariantList 0x00000009
QString 0x0000000a
QStringList 0x0000000b
QByteArray 0x0000000c
QDate 0x0000000e
QTime 0x0000000f
QDateTime 0x00000010
QRegExp 0x0000002b
UserType 0x0000007f
Long 0x00000081
Short 0x00000082
Char 0x00000083
ULong 0x00000084
UShort 0x00000085
UChar 0x00000086
QVariant 0x00000090
User 0x00000100
LastType 0xffffffff


Type Field Description
int32 julianDay Day in Julian calendar, unknown if signed or unsigned
int32 millisOfDay Milliseconds since start of day
uint8 zone Timezone of DateTime, 0x00 is local, 0x01 is UTC


Type Field Description
int32 millisOfDay Milliseconds since start of day


Type Field Description
uint8 flags See below
int16 extra Extra data, depends on the protocol
int8 version Protocol Version


Type Value
ssl 0x01
compression 0x02


Type Field Description
int32 id BufferId, a unique, sequential id for the buffer
int32 networkId NetworkId of the network the buffer belongs to
int16 type See below
string8 name BufferName as displayed to the user


Enum Value
Status 0x01
Channel 0x02
Query 0x04
Group 0x08


Type Field Description
int32 messageId The unique, sequential id for the message
├Čnt32 timestamp The timestamp of the message in UNIX time (32-bit, seconds)
int32 type See below
uint8 flags See below
BufferInfo buffer The buffer the message belongs to, usually everything but BufferId is set to NULL
string8 sender The sender as nick!ident@host
string8 content The message content, already stripped from CTCP formatting, but containing mIRC format codes


Enum Value
Plain 0x00000001
Notice 0x00000002
Action 0x00000004
Nick 0x00000008
Mode 0x00000010
Join 0x00000020
Part 0x00000040
Quit 0x00000080
Kick 0x00000100
Kill 0x00000200
Server 0x00000400
Info 0x00000800
Error 0x00001000
DayChange 0x00002000
Topic 0x00004000
NetsplitJoin 0x00008000
NetsplitQuit 0x00010000
Invite 0x00020000


Type Value
Self 0x00000001
Highlight 0x00000002
Redirected 0x00000004
ServerMsg 0x00000008
Backlog 0x00000080