Legacy features encode the flags of each supported feature, extended features encodes a QStringList of the names of all supported features.

If no flag is given, this feature is not included when legacy features are encoded.

Flag Name Description
0x00000001 SynchronizedMarkerLine --
0x00000002 SaslAuthentication --
0x00000004 SaslExternal --
0x00000008 HideInactiveNetworks --
0x00000010 PasswordChange --
0x00000020 CapNegotiation IRCv3 capability negotiation, account tracking
0x00000040 VerifyServerSSL IRC server SSL validation
0x00000080 CustomRateLimits IRC server custom message rate limits
0x00000100 DccFileTransfer Currently not supported
0x00000200 AwayFormatTimestamp Timestamp formatting in away (e.g. %%hh:mm%%)
0x00000400 Authenticators Support for exchangeable auth backends
0x00000800 BufferActivitySync Sync buffer activity status
0x00001000 CoreSideHighlights Core-Side HighlightRuleManager and matching
0x00002000 SenderPrefixes Show prefixes for senders in backlog
0x00004000 RemoteDisconnect Supports RPC call disconnectFromCore to remotely disconnect a client
0x00008000 ExtendedFeatures Transmit features as list of strings
-- LongTime Serialize message time as 64-bit
-- RichMessages Real Name and Avatar URL in backlog
-- BacklogFilterType BacklogManager supports filtering backlog by MessageType
-- EcdsaCertfpKeys ECDSA keys for CertFP in CertManager
-- LongMessageId 64-bit MsgId for Messages
-- SyncedCoreInfo CoreInfo dynamically updated using signals

Last update: 2022-02-23