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What is a quassel core? Why do I need one to use Quasseldroid?

A quassel core is a server which connects to IRC servers, and ensures you are always online — storing logs of the messages in the channel, etc.

Quasseldroid connects to the core instead of connecting directly to the IRC server, so if you turn your phone off, or your phone’s internet connection drops, your unread messages are still saved, and Quasseldroid can show them whenever your phone turns on again.

Without the quassel core, you’d miss any messages on IRC that were sent while you weren’t using Quasseldroid.

Where is autocomplete?

Quasseldroid supports many options for nick autocompletion:

  1. Prefix Autocomplete
    New Autocomplete Example With Prefix
    When typing an @ or # with the name of a nick or channel afterwards, Quasseldroid automatically recommends You can also configure this to always autocomplete even without prefix

  2. Double-Tap to Autocomplete
    New Autocomplete Example With Doubletap
    When typing a name, you can double-tap the input box to autocomplete the name

  3. Autocomplete Button
    New Autocomplete Example With Button
    Of course, the good old autocomplete button can be re-enabled again, too.

Last update: 2022-02-23